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Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
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Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
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Morya Federation (Schools of Esoteric Meditation)

Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom,

I would like to tell you about coming developments within the Morya Federation (Schools of Esoteric Meditation). I am writing you now because it is time to start thinking seriously about your participation in the upcoming year of meditation, study and service which begins in just a little over two months.

The Morya Federation has now completed nearly three years of work in the field of esoteric education, and on December 22nd, 2011 (December 21st in some most locations in the North America), will commence its fourth year, adding to its three already established yearly curricula its Level Four Program focusing upon intuition, the buddhic plane and group initiation. The advanced program in the Morya Federation is called Quest Universal (with its purpose of synthesizing the many aspects of the Trans-Himalayan Teaching of the Ageless Wisdom), but we also have a very stimulating two year program called Great Quest (focusing on esoteric psychology particularly) for highly motivated individuals who are relatively newer to the Ageless Wisdom or who have, perhaps, less discretionary time at their disposal for their studies. All in all, the Morya Federation system of esoteric education lasts some seven years for those who begin their studies with the Great Quest Stream and five years for those who begin directly with Quest Universal. It is also possible to move more at one’s own pace in a program which could last even twelve years if students decided to complete each year of the five years of the Quest Universal Program in two year’s time.

I want to share with you my strong conviction concerning the great importance of esoteric education—based on the foundational triangle of meditation, study and service. If you are of a practical turn of mind, you might look around at the deeply troubled world situation and wonder “how can I give my time to esoteric education when the world and its humanity are in such difficulty?”. In my mind, when I think of spiritually inclined individuals who love both humanity and the Ageless Wisdom, I wonder “how can they not”? Humanity has reached this point of crisis for many reasons, but one of them is that the average human being is profoundly unaware of the “facts of life”—the esoteric facts of life! Human beings as a rule don’t know where they came from, what they are to do on this planet and where they are ‘going’. They are simply lost, and accept as reality fanciful dogmas created over the centuries by prejudiced minds of limited vision. People in general do not understand in the least the perspective of a Master of the Wisdom or even that such Masters exist. They know nothing of the Ageless Wisdom, of reincarnation and of the spiritual evolution of the individual, the group and humanity. They know nothing, really, of human destiny. They live in a world overcome by maya, glamour and illusion and, being ignorant of the spiritual/intellectual darkness in which  they live, have no notion of how to extricate themselves from their slavery to unreality.

So many are now offering tentative solutions to our human and global crisis. A number of excellent ideas are put forth. The best ideas always involve the practice of love, light, sharing, the willingness to serve and sacrifice,  and above all the following of the “Golden Rule”—that we must “do unto others as we would have them do unto you”. This approach is absolutely foundational and necessary. There are many human beings, however, who have reached a level of development which finds them truly intelligent but unenlightened. Intelligence is not necessarily accompanied by wisdom. Knowledge of the material world is not wisdom. For these people, and there are millions upon millions, another approach is needed—an approach which speaks both their to mind and their heart. The Ageless Wisdom is precisely such an approach and those who can convey the Ageless Wisdom (and, more importantly, live the Ageless Wisdom) are sorely need in order to bring spiritual illumination to intelligent individuals suffering from a deep though often unrealized existential despair.

The years leading up to 2025 will be years of deep crisis and decision for humanity. As bad as things are now, we have not seen anything yet. Our potential for emergence into a life aligned with the values of the coming Aquarian Age is very great, but only if many human beings can recognize those values, learn to understand them and live by them.

Those who can show the way forward into true Aquarian spirituality are needed as never before. But it is not enough simply to wish to be one of those who can help humanity unite its heart and mind. Rather, one must be trained to do so. As Alice Bailey tells us, the Biblical saying “the meek shall inherit the Earth” really means “the trained shall inherit the Earth”—those who are spiritual trained shall be the true leaders of humanity, leading them towards the Great Light which is destined to shine upon the human race if it can only reorient its desires and aspirations away from strictly material pursuits and towards the objectives which the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet considers truly spiritual—objectives truly in line with the Divine Plan for our planet.

To become such a spiritually trained individual is not something that happens over-night. It takes many incarnations to make a Master of the Wisdom and one cannot even become a true disciple of the Masters in a single incarnation. Deep meditation, profound study and selfless service are all required—and with continuity, over a number of years before we can really be of use to the Great Ones as they attempt to bring the esoteric facts of life to the rescue of humanity.

This very necessary training is precisely what the Morya Federation offers you and all those who are truly interested in making a spiritual difference at a critical time of human history. Perhaps few realize the value of esoteric training—how powerful it can be, how persuasive it can be when attempting to help human beings reorient their consciousness towards reality and away from maya, glamour and illusion. This is the most important thing: to realize the power of esoteric training for those who really desire to make a difference at a time when, if humanity as we know it is to survive, a difference must be made.

I would personally like to encourage all of you who have even a little understanding of the Ageless Wisdom (or who have heard of its value) to seize on the opportunity which we, at the Morya Federation are presenting, and enroll in a program of true esoteric and occult training so that, as these critical years elapse and as the bewilderment of the average human being increases, you will be in a position to help with the fullest measure of strength, love and intelligence possible to you. And if your understanding of the Wisdom is already deep, then this is your opportunity to deepen it still further with the inevitable effect that your service to humanity will become even more powerful and effective.

Only those in whom spiritual values are well-established or growing will feel the inner spiritual pressure to take such a step, but I am trusting that those of you who read this letter are such individuals and will see that “business as usual” will not suffice if we want to really help humanity in today’s threatened world.

On a personal note, I must confess that I love the Ageless Wisdom and my deepest desire is to see more of us benefit from its inestimable treasures.  I am deeply impressed by the sacrifices made by the Great Ones in bringing the Wisdom of Life to humanity at a time when so much could go either dreadfully wrong or wonderfully right. I want to help with this process however I can—even when so many seem only vaguely interested in the incredible value of the Wisdom of the Ages. I believe I can truthfully say that this attitude characterizes every member of the faculty and administration of the Federation. At the Morya Federation we are looking for those who sense something of the opportunity and the danger—the opportunity for humanity to emerge into the Light, Love and Power of the New Age, and the danger that humanity could be “re-initiated into the Earth and forced to turn their backs upon the dawning light” as Master DK has solemnly warned.

You can find your application for entry into the Morya Federation at On this page you will find the applications for the five year Quest Universal Program and the two-year, introductory  Great Quest Program. Only two months remain before we begin, so it is time to act. We look forward to receiving your completed application at your earliest convenience.

We, the faculty and administration of the Morya Federation, encourage you to seize this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Ageless Wisdom and to participate more vigorously in the “Great Approach to Humanity” planned by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and willed by our Planetary Logos.   These are the days when the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ are on the mind of thousands of spiritual seekers who realize that these planetary processes are absolutely vital to the emergent well-being of humanity and our planet. We invite you to affirm your solidarity with such spiritually responsible, forward-looking individuals and groups. We invite you to strengthen your commitment to the well-being of humanity and our planet by learning to cooperate ever more closely with the Brotherhood of Light.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student in the Morya Federation as we begin our fourth year of esoteric meditation, study and service.

In Light, Love and Power,

Michael Robbins: Director, Morya Federation; President, University of the Seven Rays

On Behalf of the Faculty and Administration of the Morya Federation